• SAWEN will represent and articulate the aspirations of all women entrepreneurs (existing and potential) that operate within the South African SMME sector.

  • SAWEN is a South African National Network that facilitates and monitors the socio-economic advancement of women entrepreneurs and their positive impact on the country’s economy.

  • To provide a national vehicle that brings women and women’s groups together to address the challenges faced by them.
  • To lobby government, public and private institutions on such issues, but not limited to policy, legislation and/or proposed legislation affecting either directly and indirectly the trade and commerce activities of women entrepreneurs.
  • To align SAWEN with other bodies or organizations with similar business interests at both national and international level, and to leverage the relationships arising out of these alignments for the benefit of its members.
  • To facilitate access to business resources, information and opportunities for South African women entrepreneurs in a way that promotes their effective participation in the global economy.
  • To profile and affirm women in business leadership positions in both public and private sectors.

SAWEN subscribes to :

  • Gender Equity
  • Integrity
  • Social Conscience
  • Excellence
  • Co-operation

 SAWEN targets women who:

  • Own and operate small, medium and large enterprises within the broader economy of South Africa. They must be self-employed and their companies must be registered with CIPC (formerly Cipro).
  • Are engaged in income-generating activities that are not yet registered with CIPC but have aspirations to grow their enterprises and conform in the future.
  • Have an interest in operating a business but lack the know-how to start.
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